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insurance solutions

Master Capital Wealth Management (MCWM) is a team of Professionally Licensed Life Health and Annuity Agents, Financial Engineer and Tax Advisor whose sole purpose is to help you design a plan to secure your health, family and assets now and into the future.


Why do we do this? Because without a plan or insurance, life as you know it could change in a blink of an eye.


At MCWM we have the solutions to help protect your assets and lifestyle through the many different services we offer through our team of professionals. We have the professional expertise and solutions all under one roof, so look no further.


By utilizing risk management techniques including risk analysis, loss control and risk transferwe design and implement insurance programs based on each client’s needs from the ordinary and simple to the intricate and complex. We only offer insurance contracts that are underwritten by well established and financially stable carriers.


You see, securing your future does not refer to the accumulation of wealth alone. MCWM is able to provide you with a comprehensive needs analysis which may include life insurance, medical insurance, dental insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance and many savings programs to fulfill your individual needs for today as well as retirement in your future.


When working with us, you are buying a promise, a promise that we will always be there when you need us! With over 180 years of combined expertise, you will find that working with our team is one of the best decisions you will ever make!


We do for our clients as we would for our families because once you become our client, you are our family!


We invite you to protect your tomorrow by contacting us today at 407-682-7550 or toll free at 800-865-0001. 


You may also CONTACT US and completing the form. We will have one of our Licensed Insurance Professionals contact you within

24 hours.

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