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About Us

Master Capital Group (MCG) is a privately owned company that was created out of the fusion of Central Florida Financial Group and Master Capital Mortgage LLC.


With the philosophy of “never ending and continuous improvement”, MCG has become a market leader in the financial industry by providing guaranteed financial solutions to its loyal consumer base for over 33 years. MCG has extended this philosophy to those in our industry(ies) as well.


Client financial education, guaranteed products, financially sound companies and service predictability have been the core pillars that make MCG the trusted partner of over three thousand clients in Central Florida alone.


We are rapidly becoming the leader in providing solutions to the mortgage crisis and those individuals and agents that are looking for insurance due to declinable or financially challenging situations.


Our expertise in finding the RIGHT insurance and FINANCIAL SOLUTION to fit your needs is MCG's Specialty! With over 180 YEARS of combined experience, coupled with the best companies and the highest integrity MCG stands in a league all its own! 


For those in our industry(ies), we would find it a privilege to partner with you and assist you (and your client) with companies and solutions that would better fit your needs.


MCG provides solutions in many financial areas from taxes to insurance, from retirement palnning to what we call financial engineering  - with predictable results. We don’t stop there.


MCG also assists companies that seek to take their businesses to the next level.


We invite you now to explore the many opportunities on our home page and begin your journey to a more rewarding today and future!

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