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Master Capital Insurance Solutions has made one of the best decision of all, we believe in NEVER saying, “NO…. I can’t help you“, to any of our clients who may have health issues and have been declined, or quoted highly rated premiums for insurance plans just because they have a pre-existing condition. Nor do we say no to clients who need to use their dental plan for their family immediately with first day coverage OR SIMPLY LOOKING FOR A MORE AFFORDABLE WAY TO SECURE MEDICAL, DENTAL OR LIFE INSURANCE.


That is what we do at MCIS. We are extremely proud to say , we have the “BENEFITS YOU CAN COUNT ON”! We have searched many companies and many plans on your behalf to find you, our client, the best plans for your hard working dollars


Best part of all, is that most benefits, if not all, have first day coverage with our Medical, Life and Dental Insurance plan. Please review our plans individually and sign up right away through the internet or simply pick up the phone and one of our professional insurance agents will assist you in answering any questions you have and help you choose the plan that is right for you and you family.


There are even value add benefits just for joining the medical or dental programs through discounts on products and services such as a discount for vision services, movie tickets and many additional discounts you and your family will surely enjoy. 


We feel so strongly that everyone should be able to get coverage that our best kept secret is made available to other insurance agents, agencies and brokers to help as many individuals and companies obtain this coverage. We have made a special section just for you to review these extraordinary plans that will help every individual you come in contact with. Like us, you will never have to say NO again! 


Simply click on the become an agent/broker tab and begin the contracting process. 


For those individuals who are ready for us to help them, we invite you to click on the plan of your choice, review it and enroll immediately. If you have further questions, please do yourself a big favor and pick up the phone, we are waiting to hear from you.


What are you waiting for, pick up the phone, let us help you make that informed decision by contacting us today at 407-339-5222 or toll free at 800-865-0001.



You may also contact us by clicking here and completing the form. We will have one of our Licensed Insurance Professionals contact you within

24 hours.


Remember, these are, “Benefits You Can Count On“!



Including various other consumer discounted programs you will enjoy.

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