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mortgage solutions *thru a referral partner

Mortgages made simple!  The Mortgage team has the expertise to diagnose loan parameters to secure your best mortgage loan, at the best interest rate and the lowest possible cost.  Licensed with over 175 lenders we are able to “think outside the bank” and offer many more lending solutions than the “big boxes” are able to offer.  Our strong reputation has been built around three uncompromising principals:  


Knowledge of the mortgage industry, a commitment to educating our clients and unwavering ethics that treat each client as a friend, neighbor or brother.


You have heard many times that “The Best Compliment is a Referral”. Today, over 90% of our new business comes to the Mortgage team via referrals from grateful clients and a trusted network of loyal realtors, financial planners and accountants. 


The Mortgage team is a full service mortgage lender offering FHA, VA, and Conventional lending for: 

  • Purchases 

  • Refinances 

  • Reverse mortgages

  • Commercial lending 

  • Construction lending

  • Debt Consolidation

Yes, the Mortgage team has all the programs and tools to take your loan application online, but we are proud to be a traditional mortgage company that enjoys shaking hands with all of our clients.  Remember, “You have to enjoy the journey, so that you can enjoy the destination”.


For additional information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our mortgage experts, please call

us at 407-339-5222 or 800-865-0001.

**The Mortgage Team is a referral partner**


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