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supplemental insurance solutions

We at Master Capital Wealth Management take

our responsibility of our clients seriously.

What do I mean by that?


There are basic insurances most everyone needs, however, there are also benefits that may be needed that go beyond the basic insurance needs that an individual or family may have certain circumstances that call for supplemental insurance.


Here are just some of the supplemental insurance plans that are available to you to explore with us:


  • Dental Insurance

  • Cancer Insurance

  • Individual Life Insurance

  • Accident & Disability Coverage

  • Personal Sickness Indemnity Plan

  • Limited Benefit Medical Insurance

  • Guarantee Issue Medical Insurance

  • Hospital & Intensive Care Insurance 



These are just to name a few. To know if you need any type of supplemental insurance plans we have a specialized team to assist you in any questions you may have. Be prepared for any type of personal loss that could affect you or your family’s future.


We invite you to protect your tomorrow by contacting us today at 407-339-5222 or toll free at 800-865-0001. 

You may also contact us by clicking on the contact us tab and completing the form.


We will have one of our Licensed Insurance Professionals contact you within 24 hours.


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