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life insurance solutions

What is Life Insurance?

Why do I need it?


A traditional life insurance policy is a contract between an owner (often the insured) and a life insurance company that guarantees the payment of a stated amount of money upon the death of the insured. The payment or payments are given to the designated beneficiary.


Many of today's innovative Life Insurance policies allows you to access living benefits.


Did you know... 


At age 65, the odds are nearly one in two that you will require nursing home services for at least 2-5 years?*

What does this mean?


It doesn't matter how much you have built for retirement, if you haven't protected your assets, your retirement savings could be jeopardized!


Master Capital Wealth Management is a team of licensed professionals trained to review your financial road map, determine your goals and objectives, establish a plan of action to reach your financial goals and all within your budget.


The following questions are helpful in determining how important this need is: 


  • How many people depend on my earning capacity? 

  • How much money will my dependents need for living expenses? 

  • How long will it take for my dependents to become self sufficient? 

  • What assets will be available to take care of my dependents' immediate financial needs? 

  • After I die how long will it be before my property is turned over to my inheritors? 

  • Do I need temporary or permanent Life Insurance? 

  • How will I protect my assets?



We invite you to protect your tomorrow by contacting us today at 407-682-7550 or

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You may also contact us by clicking on the contact us tab and completing the form and we will have one of our Licensed Insurance Professionals contact you within 24 hours.



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