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Incorporated in 2001, as a non-profit organization, with a goal of providing benefits for its group members that could not be obtained on an individual basis.

The three primary benefits that NAF-MD offers are:

Dental Plan

A top-rated HMO dental plan, offered by SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc., founded in Florida in 1985. SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc. is a Met Life affiliate.

Discount Drug Card

Administered by CareMark, this discount drug card allows members to enjoy excellent prices on prescription drugs. It provides a website showing the cost of each drug and local pharmacies in both your area and nationwide.

Vision Benefits

Administered by Coast to Coast (CTC), who has contracted with over 12,000 eye care locations nationwide to give you 20% to 60% discounts on eyeglasses, 10% to 20% off contact lenses (excluding disposables), and other items offered at retail in the provider's office.

Dental Benefits


Safeguard Dental

NAFMD members use the SafeGuard Dental HMO plan.
A true co-pay plan-(not a discount program)

Network of dentist contracted with SafeGuard

Plan: NA245D

No Charge:

(2) Routine Cleanings Per Year




$5 Extractions, Office Visit & Second Opinion

$245 Crowns + Lab

$250 Veneers (for Perfect Looking Teeth)

$125 Bleaching (Per Arch)

Over 346 Treatments Codes (Very Comprehensive)

$110 Deep Cleaning – (Per Quadrant)

NO Waiting Period

NO Yearly Dollar Cap Off Amount

NO Waiting Period for Basic or Major Services.

NO Deductibles

NO Age Limit

Premium WILL NOT increase with age

Preexisting Conditions are COVERED

Monthly (check-o-matic)

$39.95 Single

$57.95 One + Dependent

$79.95 Family

(One Time Enrollment Fee $55)

Please select an In-Network Dentist & Secondary Dentist before applying.

You have the ability to change dentists each month if you so desire.

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