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What is DROP?

What do I do when I retire?





DROP provides you with an alternative method for payment of your retirement benefits for a specified and limited period if you are an eligible Florida Retirement System (FRS) Pension Plan member.


Under this program, you stop earning service credits toward a future benefit. Your retirement benefit is calculated at the time your DROP period begins and your monthly retirement benefits accumulate in the FRS Trust Fund - earning a monthly interest while you continue to work.


Upon leaving employment for retirement, your DROP account is paid to you as a lump sum payment, a roller or a combination of the two. Your monthly income benefits are then paid to you in the amount as calculated upon entry into DROP, plus cost-of-living adjustments for intervening years.


There are many rules to the DROP that you must make sure that you are aware of before electing to take your retirement money. This is a wonderful program but if you do not consult with an experienced advisor you may not realize the full potential of your hard earned money.


We at Master Capital Wealth Management specialize in the State of Florida retirement accounts and have been working directly with employees of this great state for over 22 years.




These are just some of the advantages to you when working with MCWM:


A Complete Financial Needs Analysis (a plan designed around your needs, wants and desires for your retirement years).


You have a Team of Licensed Financial Professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in all facets of retirement engineering working for you personally!


This Team of Professionals include a Financial Engineer, Tax Advisor, and Fully Licensed Life, Health and Annuity Agents.


We work only with Financially Strong and Nationally Recognized Companies representing your unique needs.


A Comprehensive line of Retirement Solutions including Annuities, Mutual Funds*, Long Term Care, Life Insurance, Disability and Guaranteed Issue Insurances (for those individuals that need these benefits and have been declined or highly rated by other companies).


As your FRS Specialists and DROP consultants, we take pride in knowing our clients are 100% at ease with the safety of their retirement dollars. There are many options to consider and rules to make sure you follow.


Let’s begin working for you by calling us today! We will provide you with a complimentary FRS Retirement Guide and Check List. This list will ensure that you have done every step necessary to begin enjoying your retirement. When working with us, we will assist you in correctly completing all the forms to assure that there will be no delay in receiving your retirement checks.


Complete the form on the contact page or call us today at 407-682-7550 or toll free 800-865-0001 and one of our Retirement Specialists can assist you in making the right informed decision.


We look forward to working for you. We know you have worked hard for your money and we want to make sure your money works hard for you!



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