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457 Plan

What is a 457 Plan?

Why would I want to consider this type of retirement savings plan?



A 457 Plan is a tax-exempt deferred compensation program made available to employees of state and federal governments, agencies and some school districts.


A 457 plan is similar to a 401(k), except there are never employer matching contributions and the IRS does not consider it a qualified retirement plan. Participants can defer some of their annual income (up to an annual limit), and contributions and earnings are tax-deferred until withdrawal.


Distributions start at retirement age but participants can also take distributions if they change jobs or in certain emergencies. Participants can choose to take distributions as a lump sum, as annual installments or as an annuity. However; it is important to know that distributions are subject to ordinary income taxes and the amounts cannot be transferred into an IRA.


Due to the taxation and rules that must be followed we encourage anyone considering any type of retirement plan to consult with an experienced advisor and a tax expert.


With Master Capital Wealth Management, you have a team of professionals at your service under one roof and complimentary, of course, to help guide you in making an informed decision.


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